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Biohazard bags

 Biohazard bags on roll.jpgFlat Biohazard bags.jpg

Material: HDPE, LDPE 
Dimension: Be different according to customer need
1. star-sealed/ flat with side gusset

2. Volume: 20L,30L,35L,50L,60L,75L,120L,130L
3. can be do any size, and color, packing,etc as customers' requirements.

 Eg: 40x50cm, 8mic, 50pcs/roll 

Capacity       Size       Thickness          Colour

18L         45x52cm         8mic           can be customized

30L         50x60cm      9.5mic           can be customized

35L         50x70cm       12mic           can be customized

60L         60x80cm       13mic           can be customized

120L      70x110cm      18mic            can be customized

240L     110x125cm     24mic            can becustomized


Small size:        550x600MM       6MIC      3.25gr/pc

Medium Size:   650X800MM     6.6MIC       6.5gr/pc

Large size:        750X900MM   12.5MIC       16gr/pc

XLarge Size:     800X1100MM    13MIC        22gr/pc